Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why so many girls are insecure and depressed......

I wrote this as a reply to a comment or post a few months ago.  I decided to share it here since this was a question I had always wanted to find out about. 
Society, High School, and change in my family made a huge impact for me.  Throughout my studies I found that 1 in 4 woman are depressed before they even leave high school.  With expectations to succeed in academics, athletics, friendships while facing pressures of beauty, weight, approval of our parents, we got burned out pretty quickly. 
Looking back I realize now what was going on with my best friend.  The best cheerleader, prettiest girl in the whole school, talented artist was depressed.  She eventually withdrew from our group of friends and used relationships to escape.  She never graduated high school and then entered a marriage that was pressured by her parents which a year later ended in divorce. 
Through her artwork on facebook and interactions with our high school friends I can finally see her again (if that makes any sense) We are who we are as children but you are so right we act how we are perceived. 
I would have to say that I felt a lot better about myself when I realized I wasn't the only girl that was feeling overwhelmed in high school.  It's just that nobody is talking about it and we are looking to fit it so bad that we couldn't possibly be the one taking medication or not able to handle so much responsibility and pressure.  If we were able to start communicating some of these issues at an early age we could fix a lot of the problem. Those young girls would learn to communicate with each other about their problems, issues, and concerns. 
Stop Depression.  Get Happy.

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