Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Even this blog is a mess.

To be honest I don't blog much because this blog and a few others I have created are so unorganized and since I'm on a time budget, I'm trying to prioritize my organizing projects. Today I will be organizing the last of my paperwork both military and personal. My source of inspiration was found in 2014 Better Homes and Gardens Secrets of Getting Organized. I learned that my organizing personality was a mix between social and visual with gave me the following visual suggestions.

Take photos before and after to capture my progress which will build confidence. 

Create a vision board with images and notes. (I did this about two weeks ago) 

Share photos with others online with other visual people. (I need the support) 

Here is the last of my paperwork that I need to organize. So far I've already found my very first passport and a book titled Will My Pet Go To a Heaven? See it really is possible. Things are already getting more fun. My plan is to have everything in three containers (baskets, boxes, file) in some order. I'll be using containers that I have for now but I might purchase a few new organizing tools. 

I would love feedback on what has worked in the past for you or someone you know. Maybe it was something you read or saw on television. Believe it or not this is not what I would love to be doing on my day off with this beautiful weather, but this is where I am. Maybe I really just need cheerleaders. Either way, thanks for reading. 
Blessings and Peace