Friday, March 11, 2011

California Dreams. God's Plan.

Moving to California had been my dream even before high school.  I always had this overpowering desire to move away and discover something great.  I knew somehow my whole life as I was growing up that I was meant for some kind of greatness.  I had some kind of superstar personality and truly believed that I would make it.  My dreams had no limits.  Everything I wanted in my life came true if I believed it was truly possible and worked hard to get there. 

When my best friend came into my life, she shared my incredible desire to pursue greatness.  I had found someone who had the same idea that anything is possible.  There are no limits.  Her enthusiasm and motivation was the motivation  that I needed. Someone actually believed me and understood how I felt about life.  Someone I could relate with and someone who would always believe in me.

People always stayed in the small town I grew up in.  They stayed for life and that was all they knew.  I knew that I would never be satisfied with my life if I didn't get out of there and find more.  I had no idea what I was looking for but it was bigger than anything I had seen or experienced.  I just knew it. I felt it.  I believed it. When the opportunity came for me to move away to California, I just knew this was my chance.  I took my first risk ever. I left my job, my family, my world as I knew it, I had escaped in search of what was missing.  California represented everything that I was looking for.  Different. Diverse. Dreams.  California had to be where I belonged and where I would discover life. 

What about God's Plan?

My life turned into a mess from the moment I moved to California and I would discover a world I never knew before.  This world was full of everything that I had never known before.  It was hard, sad, and lonely.  More than anything I felt like a failure and I was too prideful to ask for help.  I just stayed hoping it would get better.  I was fighting through so that I could be successful in leaving and successful in life.  Once I hit rock bottom and I couldn't fight anymore, I turned to the one thing I had from my past.  My faith.

California was God's plan for my life.  He was the one responsible for that burning desire I had to leave home and discover more about life and love. He had put California in my plan a long time ago.  Moving away three years ago didn't work out at all like I had planned.  I failed.  My plan failed.  But God's plan was the biggest success of my life.  The lessons he taught me and the experiences I had were necessary for me to serve my purpose here on earth. 

The journey was amazing.  I no longer feel like I'm searching for more or striving to reach some invisible goal. The journey is life and finding your purpose is succeeding.  Once you start working for God and follow his plan for your life, that constant need for more is fulfilled.  It is filled with his unconditional love and that is when life starts to become more than any dream you can ever imagine. 

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