Monday, March 14, 2011

Read Me. See Me.

This is how my mind works. Thinking, Idea, Talking, Idea, Listening, Share Ideas, Share Energy, Share Knowledge, Share Experience. By the way, I hope you were listening?

Before getting in my car on that last day in Tulsa, I was talking to my roommate about how much I could write about for 19 hours if I didn't have to drive.  She mentioned that I needed a tape recorder which I have thought about before.  Just like everything else, unless it is a sticky note on my hand or an alarm set in my phone, there is a 10% chance I will remember.  I did think about going to Walmart that night before I started my journey home, but I decided it was too late.  I go off feelings on most of my actions so I guess I didn't feel it necessary for me to go. 

Earlier that day I said my goodbyes to my best friend at work/neighbor.  She wanted me to come over again and say goodbye because she felt guilty crying and leaving so fast in our first goodbye.  Of course with me, the no emotions kind of girl, I was like "really, a second goodbye".  But of course since I have realized all my friends are so different, I have to treat each one unique so that we remain great friends.  This is similar to compromising in a relationship, plus it made her happy and feel better so why not.  After about ten minutes of saying goodbye to her and her children, I walked outside to leave and she followed me to walk me out to my car. 

For some reason, I mentioned the tape recorder idea that me and Heather had discussed.  Then my friend simply suggested that I use my phone's video recorder for the trip.  All I can say is this "Where did this come from".  First of all, why have I never thought of this before, and how did my return for a 2nd goodbye (which normally the old Kristin might have bailed on) provide me with the alternative suggestion that I needed. And so now I have used the advice that simply fell out of heaven. 

This is the unedited version of myself.

Peace and Hearts

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