Friday, March 18, 2011

The Mess is Success?

How many of you have thought to yourselves that once you overcome a certain obstacle in life or time period, then finally you be able to breath easier and just relax.  It could be that your waiting to get caught up with your bills, waiting for summer to get here so you can use your vacation to work around the house, or maybe your waiting for that next step in life whether it be college, your first job, or a new career. 

Its possible you are going through some hard times and need to borrow money, cut back on your budget, end a relationship, take care of one of your children or one of your parents.  You constantly look towards the future when the mess will finally be over or "when things get better".  But haven't you already had the back to back crisis occur at least once?  You know, just when you end one hardship, a whole brand new problem appears out of nowhere.  Its a neverending messy life isn't it?

If you keep waiting for the "what's next" and if you don't have peace and joy in the present moment, you are missing out on life.  Don't get me wrong, its great to have goals and future plans, but if you are constantly worried about the future, how are you ever able to enjoy the moment you are in right now? Love you life right now.  Your probably not enjoying the moment because you think its too messy.  I could be grief, anger, failure, disappointement, and the list goes on. We tend to throw all the bad stuff in life into this one category and we keep in private.  We don't want the world to know that we aren't as great as we really seemed to be.

I often wonder if we all just talked about the mess in our lifes and shared concern as well as motivation with one another, would we see some growth in society as a whole.  With pressure from family and the competitionwith our peers, SUCCESS has become the number one objective in life.  Success to some could mean starting a family and settling down in a house in a small safe community. 

Success from where I came from and that driving passion to make it to the top were based mostly on status, money, recognition, and position.  It could also represent all the places that you have traveled, all the things that you have seen, and all those experiences that have made you more diverse and well-rounded.   

These seem to be the most popular questions in order to find out more about a person. "Where did you go to college?  What company do you work for and what is your title? Where and how big is your house?  What kind of car do you drive?  Where did you last go on vacation?  How big was your wedding? Wedding Dress? Ring?  Is that bag Coach or Chanel?"

After you get the answers to these questions, you can finally draw up a conclusion of who that person really is.  Right? Wrong.  What have you learned about them? Now take a look at the next set of questions. 

"What are you passionate about? What are your hobbies?  Do you consider yourself spiritual at all?  What is one weird strange fact about you? What do you wish you could take back from your past? Do you admit your failures and disappointments to anybody? At your high school 10 year reunion what do you want your peers to remember you for?"

Are you with me still?  Now the first set of questions was an excellent way for you to know what a person does.  This is what they look like from the outside and how society .  You can't really find out who a person truly is without learning more about them not just what they have done or what they do.  And so when you start learning more about them, the messy life could start to reveal itself.  This is when you find out how people deal with mess.  This could be the single most imporant factor for me when determining a person's strength and character.  "How well do you deal with the Mess?"  Son in other words, when life takes its blows at you one at at time, how do you react and how do you plan to clean up the mess. 

You see for me, how well somebody handles the mess is a sign of that persons success.  And for those who have experienced more and more mess and those not afraid to admit the mess they are currently in, that is success.  So is "The Mess Really Success"

Here are some questions to ask yourself about life.  They really get you thinking don't they?  Feel free to answer the questions below or comment on this post about anything. 

How do you become your true self if you haven't been faced with any challenges?

What is success really? 

Who set the standard for that? 

So you're going off of society's standards for success or God's?

Peace and Hearts

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