Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Confess The Mess: My First Series For Guest Bloggers

All of us have messy lives.  The mess can be emotional, financial, physical, spiritual, sexual, or a "combo mess".  From what I have experienced and learned in this entire process is that when one area is affected by the mess, the other areas soon start to show signs of a messy future.  It is best to clean out the mess before it multiplies. I just realized that I'm watching hoarders right now while writing this post.  This has got to be our sign and/or warning that if we don't take care of our messy life, we could end up as a hoarder with both physical and emotional junk that's so great it makes it on television. We don't want to ever have our mess consume our life that much.  Unless that is, your goal is simply to make it on television and this is your last resort. 

"Confess The Mess" was inspired by one of my readers.  She is a "closet writer" which is what I have decided to call those individuals who do not claim to be writers and wish to remain anonymous.  I'm so excited that this blog has turned out to be something that so many of my readers can relate to.  I randomly chose a title that ended up having multiple meanings about life. The best part is that I really chose it because it made fun of me for actually being a little bit messy.

If you need to confess your mess in life and have no other outlet, writing seems to be one of the more popular ways to express feelings and emotions.  For those struggling with the decision of whether or not to remain anonymous or not, please don't ever beat yourself up about being private. That is who you are and as a part of embracing who you are, you should fully accept your individual personality.

Stay tuned for the anonymous writers as they join my blog for the series "Confess The Mess"

Peace and Hearts

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